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The Life of a Boxer | Mike Kurzeja

What is the hardest part to being a boxer?

The hardest part about being a boxer is the day to day grind and commitment. Many boxers fall out of their routine in between fights. This leads to getting out of shape and sometimes large weight gains. True committed fighters stay in shape year-round and don’t let themselves go to waste. True fighters do their roadwork on a regular basis and do NOT miss workouts or make excuses. Being committed to training is NOT easy. As they say, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

Mike "Kujo" Kurzeja, Pro Boxer


Posted on April 5, 2018


Well said, Mike! I have trained and sparred with Mike and can tell you that I have never seen him out of shape.  I have also NEVER seen him going easy on himself.  As a boxer, it's easy to give less than 100 percent here, there, maybe throughout workouts.  You know, tap the bag, walk around the bag, hold during sparring.  Never seen Mike do it, though!

Posted By Mike McVady on 04/10/2018

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