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The Gym is Your Playground.

Blog Article ImageSometimes the best remedy for a lack of motivation is helping someone else.  One of my childhood friends contacted me out of the blue last week. She said, “Philita, I’ve had 4 kids, I’m overweight, depressed, and don’t know what else to do, I really need your help.” Without thinking, or hesitating, I said, “Let’s do this.” Together, we have come up with a plan for her that includes a healthy diet and a killer workout regimen. Her one catch, “You have to be there with me during my workouts.”

So here we are, a week into her workout routines and I have found more enjoyment in helping her achieve her goals than kicking my own butt to reach mine.  Her perseverance in her workouts and the determination on her face has pushed me back into my morning workout routines.  They aren’t quite the 3:30am madness of before, I’ve let go of my compulsion to be at the gym for hours a day. In-fact, this morning stepping into the gym I had 45 minutes and didn’t have a plan. I have found I don’t need to map out every last training day or study my workout book for hours to see what I can improve on.  Sometimes, you have to let your body be the guide, or simply have fun in the gym.

Just for fun, this morning I decided I would flip the 250 pound tire. I didn’t count how many times I did it, but I bet my body would tell you a few too many.  Just for fun I immersed myself on this amusing ab solo machine, I lost count at throwing the balls over a hundred times, but I can already tell my fun this morning will cause aches tomorrow.

Working out can be fun, and it’s my goal to not only help my friend lose her targeted weight, but to show her that the gym is the adult playground in life.  When you combine this playground with a clean diet, the results will be nothing short of spectacular. By helping her with the clean diet, I realized I must lead by example and follow my own words of wisdom. Instead of grabbing the sub I wanted last night, I went home to cook up lean ground beef, brown rice, and green beans.

People ask me all the time for my best tips of how to lose weight and get back into shape.  I always say, be consistent with your diet and workout routines, drink a lot of water and try a bottle of HMB. The results can be seen within a month of starting the HMB regimen because you are able to push your body harder with less muscle breakdown. 

No matter where you start, the first step is the hardest. I give my friend a lot of recognition for taking a big step and I’m honored to be her role model/trainer and friend during this transition phase in her life. I know that my plans on a Friday and Saturday night will now include some time on my playground; you can’t lead others if you first can’t lead yourself.

Posted on January 13, 2012


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