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The Gus Lohman Memorial Challenge

Blog Article ImageIt has been a busy time around here the past month, and particularly the past week.  Every year we put on Missouri's Strongest Man: The Gus Lohman Memorial Challenge.  It is a benefit for Camp Quality, a camp for kids who have been diagnosed with cancer.   It was our ninth one we’ve done.  On Monday, we went out and did a strongman show for Camp quality.  This was our third year doing that, and this was the biggest one yet.  They had us on as the headliners for the night, with everyone in the camp in attendance.  We did strongman lifts such as stone lifting, log and axle pressing, circus dumbbell, and truck tire deadlift. We also performed feats such as phonebook ripping, deck of card tearing, frying pan rolling and bar bending.  Here is a video of me breaking blocks with my head:

The rest of the week was devoted to getting ready for "the Gus".  This year it was held in conjunction with Belton Community Days, which offered us the opportunity to improve the show, but also offered a whole new slew of challenges.  In the end it went off without a hitch.  The results are as follows:
1st-Dave Kraft
2nd-Gilbert Mateucci
3rd-Todd Lowenstein
4th-Lance Foster

1st-Johnny Strangeway
2nd-Zach Kuipers

1st-Zac Craig
2nd-Mark Allen
3rd-Mike Lane
4th-Randy Elkins
5th-Mike Prewitt
6th-Justin Cantwell
7th-Eric Kleiner
8th-Chris Oden
9th-Steven Slausen
10th-KEvin Carrol

1st-Billy Duncan
2nd-Nick Dimarco
3rd-Mike Lucht
4th-Kevin Rekowski

1st-Jason Price
2nd-Brian Oleson
3rd-Matt Krulic'
4th-Jon Hereth
5th-Jason Ries
6th-Eric Schmid

1st-Spencer Remick
2nd-Chad Julian
3rd-Daniel Hickman
4th-Shane Redden
5th-Garrett Jacobsen

1st-Brian Benzel
2nd-Kevin McNease
3rd-Mark Kaiser
4th-Nate Butler
5th-Aaron Brown
6th-Brad Spier
7th-Mark Brownson
8th-Keith Peters

1st-Dave Kraft
2nd-Gilbert Mateucci
3rd-Todd Lowenstein

1st-Zac Craig
2nd-Mark Allen
3rd-Mike Lane

1st-Jason Price
2nd-Billy Duncan
3rd-Nick Dimarco

1st-Spenser Remick
2nd-Bryan Benzel
3rd-Kevin McNease

In the end, Camp Quality will once again be the biggest winner from this event.  We raised $6,100 for the camp.  A huge thanks to all of our sponsors, especially Metabolic Technologies (developers of HMB) and Optimum Nutrition.  These two companies have really committed to this show the past few years, and without their help, it would not be the success it has become.

I will finally be going in for surgery next month for my elbow.  The bad news is they will not be able to just scope it like I had hoped.  The good news is that by getting cut I should make closer to a full recovery.  Wish me luck!

Posted on June 21, 2012


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