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The Greatest Reward

Blog Article ImageLife has been pretty busy, but very good since my last blog.  We are still getting things ready for our little girl, and we are counting down the days until she is here.  We are very excited to welcome her into the world. 

The seventh annual Missouri’s Strongest Man: The Gus Lohman Memorial Challenge was held on June 12.  This year it was at an airplane hangar in the old Richard’s Gabaur Memorial Airport.  We had some exciting events including the circus dumbbell clean and press, oxygen tank farmers walk, Conan’s wheel, bus pull (we had enough room and enough buses that 3 guys were able to pull head to head), and a monster keg load.  Even though it felt like a monsoon blew through right during our rules meeting, with a short delay and some quick maneuvering, the show went on, and was quite successful.  There was a battle in each class.  When the dust settled, the final results were:

1st Dave Kraft
2nd John O’Brien
3rd Todd Lowenstein
4th Tim Nassen
5th Lance Foster
6th Rick Newton

1st Jeff Howenstein
2nd Zac Craig
3rd Sal Badali
4th Mike Prewitt
5th Alan English
6th Corey Kenkle

1st Tyler Schuman
2nd Chris Anderson
3rd Mac Capello
4th Justin Cantwell
5th Jesse Jobe
6th Jason Oyler
7th Micah Rupp
8th Steven Slausen

1st Justin Wheeler
2nd Chuck Kasson
3rd Jeremy Moore
4th Adam Weaver
5th Jason Fike
6th Nate Butler
7th Billy Duncan
8th Ramses Arceo
9th Max Pippa (withdrew due to injury)
The greatest reward of the day was that between the contest, concession stand, and raffle, we were able to raise $4000 for Camp Quality!  Thanks to MTI/HMB and Optimum Nutrition for helping make this meet such a huge success.
Training has been going well, even as I recover from a flare up in my back that has been an issue since 2006.  Numbers are going up, and the injury is improving.  I got another chance to compete before the baby is born, as I competed with a few of my buddies at the Des Moines Highland Games this past weekend.  I was frustrated with a couple of my events, but overall the day went quite well, and I pulled away for another win in the B class.  The guys keep telling me that if I learned any technique, I would be hard to beat, since I currently rely solely on my brute power.  It was fun, and was great to get the experience.  That will be my last hurrah for a while.  I plan on continuing training and get prepared for ASC pro nationals in September.  I assume I will rely more heavily than ever  on HMB in my recovery as I become sleep deprived with the new baby,  and American Body Building’s (ABB)  speed stack to wake up for my workouts. 

Posted on June 21, 2010


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