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The Beast talks Powerlifting

David "The Beast" Douglas sits down to chat about powerlifting

Q: Thanks for taking time to chat with us! For those who don’t know you well, can you give a brief history of you and how you got into the sport of powerlifting?

David: I joined the Marine Corps in 2006 and I weighed about 145 lbs. I have an obsessive-compulsive personality and when I like something I am consumed by it. I remember seeing a magazine in a store with a big guy lifting weights on the cover. I remember really wanting to look like him. The next day I went into the gym. I blew up pretty quickly size and strength wise spending all my time eating and lifting. My boss at the time in Okinawa, Japan volunteered me to do a bench press competition on base and the rest became history.

Q: Congrats on your performance at the CETC US Open!  I know you didn’t hit the numbers you were hoping for, but can you recap on that event and how would you change your prep the next time around?
David: It wasn't so much the meet prep that got me on game day; it was some things that I would change on game day specifically. You can go through a whole training cycle great but have things just fall apart on the day of. Life just happens like that. The more you prep, the fewer chances of that happening, but you got to always prep for if something goes wrong. Next time around, I would focus more on eliminating outside distractions on the day of and focus solely on lifting. You have to be 100% mentally when you are on that platform. If you get frustrated or start thinking about anything else you are sabotaging yourself.

Q: What does your training schedule look like right now?  What split are you following and how many days are you training?
David: Monday - Bench/chest/tricep accessory work
Tuesday - speed squat/back accessory work
Thursday - accessory work
Saturday - Squat/deadlift/leg accessory work
Cycling - 3 days a week 1-2 hour rides

Q: How do you approach your accessory work?
David: It’s a very important piece of the pie. Even though you are focusing on the power movements, the supporting cast of muscles is just as important so I put just as much work and attention into them.

Q: Do you incorporate a lot of GPP work into your training as well?
David: NOW I do, before I was very naive to it. I was all work with no thought of how to really take care of myself. Luckily I haven't hurt myself too bad. I spend some good time doing GPP work now.

Q: How do you decide in powerlifting technical adjustments like squatting high bar or low bar and choosing between sumo or conventional deadlifts?
David: It all depends on your body type, mobility, and other factors. They both have different advantages and disadvantages to both to help in training, but you will favor one more than the other after training all.

Q: I know you have your own gym and train with a lot of different athletes, what is the most common mistake you see in beginners that are trying to get stronger?
David: Lifting too heavy too soon. They go for weight over form. You have to get the foundation down first before really pushing yourself and loading the bar. Pushing the weight too soon only leads to injury.

Q: Recovery is obviously key in being able to train hard at each session, do you have protocol you follow to keep your recovery on point?
David: Definitely consistently use my supplementation of HMB, bubble compression leggings, deep tissue massages once a week, and a lot of rest.

Q: What does one eat on a training day to fuel 800+ pound squats?
David: My meal is 8 eggs, sausage, wheat bread, and orange juice. You want fast absorbing protein meals.

Q: Do you utilize any supplements to aid your diet and training?
David: Hands down HMB for all my recovery needs and Nubreed Nutrition protein.

Q: What’s next for David Douglas?
David: Well, we just got a new 4,200 square foot gym that we are opening in a couple months.  Then I am going to start training again for redemption at the US Open again. I am currently ranked 7th in the nation and I want to be sitting at #1 by the next competition!

Congratulation on the new gym space and taking time to chat with us!  Good luck with training and working your way up the ranking ladder!

Posted on July 8, 2017


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