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The Attitude Open at GG1 Results

A big congratulations goes out to Jared Enderton on his performance at The Attitude Open weightlifting meet!  Jared hit a snatch of 144 kg (317 lbs.) and a new competition PR on his clean & jerk with 185 kg (407.8 lbs.).  We are very proud of Jared and look forward to watching him compete at the Arnold Weightlifting Championships on March 7th. 

For the full meet results please click here.

Male 94Kg Results:

  1. Jared Enderton (329 total)
  2. Dakota Moss (273 total)
  3. Andrew Dodd (265 total)
  4. Vincent Pierik (255 total)
  5. Lyman Dickinson (240 total)

Posted on February 11, 2015


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