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The 2014 Season has Begun

Blog Article ImageI have started my 2014 schedule by traveling with GNC to the National Strength and Conditioning (NSCA) and American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) Conferences in Indianapolis.  These conferences are a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and talk about training and nutrition with all of the coaches.  Of course I never fail to mention the great recovery and energy that can come from supplementing with GNC Pro Performance HMB. The conferences were held in the downtown Indianapolis Convention Center located next to Lucas Oil Stadium. Everything was within walking distance and weather was mild compared to the -20’s we have been having in Minnesota.  It was a great week but now it is time to get back to training!

My training has been going good.  I have continued to train a high volume of box squats which have been very productive.  I will switch back to my normal 5x5 squat routine in February.  I am still training singles and working in some partial rack pulls to train the deadlift.  My bench training has also been going well and I am hoping for some progress on that lift in 2014. The Arnold is getting near so training weights are starting to get heavier. Time to kick it in gear!

 I am still trying to plan the rest of my competition schedule for 2014.  Normally I have everything set up in advanced, but this year I am going to determine how I feel as the year progresses and set up my training cycles as I go.  Following the Arnold…I have been invited back to compete in May at the GNC Empire Classic Pro Deadlift Competition in Spokane.  This is a great event! I look forward to competing with Team HMB member Bryan Dermody in front of the wild crowd at the Northern Lights Casino! The main thing I am looking at in 2014 is to try and continue to make some progress on rehabbing injuries and continue to get stronger!

There’s no better time than now to stay strong and get in better shape!  Don’t forget about those strength and fitness goals that you set on New Year’s Eve for 2014!!! Train smart, stay healthy, set your goals high, and make sure to add GNC Pro Performance HMB to your supplement list.

Stay Strong!


Posted on January 20, 2014


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