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The 2012 Arnold

Blog Article ImageI have now attended 11 Arnold Classic events in a row, and I continue to be impressed with everything that is going on.  Each year this event seems to get bigger and bigger.  There is something at the Arnold for any fan of sports.  What a showcase for the World of Athletics!

I competed along with fellow Team HMB lifter Bryan Dermody in the GNC Pro Performance IPF Deadlift Championships on Saturday.  This has been a great contest the past 5 years, and it is in the prime time slot on Saturday following Strongman.  The Arnold Expo crowd is at its peak capacity!  This year’s event may have been the best one yet. The only downfall in the day was there was a big delay with the Strongman Contest that had everyone warming up 1 hour before our first attempts.  The great part of this contest is the camaraderie amongst the competitors, and everyone sat patiently waiting our turn on the main stage.

Kim Walford pulled an amazing 512 at a body weight of 136 to win a tough battle, in the Women’s Class, over two time defending Champion Alyssa Hitchcock.  The star of the day in the Men’s Class was 19 year old Ian Bell.  Ian pulled a mind boggling 810, weighing less than 200 lbs, to win the bodyweight championship.  The top deadlift championship was hotly contested.  Bryan Dermody pulled a PR 782.  Bryan continues to make huge strides and will be over 800 soon.  Mike Hedlesky pulled a PR 815, and continues to get stronger every year. Veteran competitor, Pat McGettigan pulled a huge PR 826. Pat is over 40, and is a real crowd favorite. The Norwegian Giant, 22 year old Carl Christensen, pulled a PR 832. Carl looks like he will be a 400 kg+ deadlifter in the future.  The long delay caused me to struggle a little with my opener, and I took too conservative of a second attempt.  I found myself in unfamiliar territory going into my final pull; as my second attempt was exceeded by both Pat and Carl. I was in 3rd place, and I had to play it smart. I lowered my 3rd attempt, and was able to pull 837 for the win.  Considering my struggles in training, due to some injuries, I was very happy with the victory!

GNC Pro Performance HMB continues to amaze me with its great recovery benefit.  Working a three day show like the Arnold is taxing on the body; even if you are not competing.  It is hard sometimes at the Arnold to eat right and even take in the correct supplementation.  I was very diligent on Friday to take in my HMB on a regular basis, and even add a few extra grams to my usual supplementation.  I was amazed how well I felt on Saturday.  HMB continues to amaze me in the recovery area!!

Train smart, stay healthy, set your goals high, and don't forget to add GNC Pro Performance HMB to your supplement list! Good luck in meeting your strength and fitness goals!!!


Posted on March 8, 2012


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