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The 2011 USAPL Nationals is right around the Corner

Blog Article ImageMy heavy training cycle has been completed, and the 2011 USAPL Nationals is next weekend in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. This will be the 20th National Powerlifting event that I have competed in dating back to my first in 1992. A lot is on the line as the USAPL Nationals are the qualifier for the 2011 IPF World Powerlifting Championships in Pilsen, Czech Republic.  From what I am seeing on the Weather Channel, I am expecting it to be very warm and humid. The Gulf Coast has been the hot bed of the Nation this past week with heat indexes well above 100.  There is no easy flight into Bay St. Louis.  We will be flying into New Orleans and then renting a car and making the 70 mile drive into Mississippi.  There will be 4 of us competing this year from Jackals Gym.  We will have 20 year old Tony Schwebach lifting at 198, returning National Champion Nick Tylutki at 220, returning National Champion Jon Krogman at 242 and I will be trying to defend my 2010 National Title at SHW. Our heavy training finished up real good last week.  This week we all had moderately heavy training and next week I will train light on Monday, and then I will be taking the rest of the week off to rest up for the event. 
As I have indicated in earlier blogs, I have really challenged myself this year with a busy competition schedule.  My training has gone well in preparation for the Nationals.  I was a little over trained in the deadlift after competing in the Empire Classic in April so I opted to not follow my normal training.  I am hoping that heavy rack pulls and RDLS have helped to maintain my strength.  I was able to nearly hit a PR in the 5x5 RAW squats with 4 sets of 5 with 606.  Just like clockwork ever year, when the frost moves out of the ground, the gym gets humid and the gym floor gets dangerously wet for a few days.  Unfortunately, the timing of this annual event coincided with my last heavy 5x5 workout.  I was able to perform 4 very solid sets, but the gym conditions deteriorated so I opted to pass on my 5th set.  My bench training has gone well, but I hate to say that I may have been just as strong at the start of the cycle as I was at the end.  This sometimes happens to me as the bench drops off when I am training heavy in the deadlift and squats.  I was able to hit a current PR in the power rack partials.  This has me hopeful that I can hit the 600 mark again. I am expecting some very tough competition next weekend.  I am hopeful that I can perform to the best of my ability and make as many lifts as possible.  If I can do this I should be in a good position when the bar hits the floor.
One event at a time, but following the Nationals I will have a short rest and then it is right back to training as I will be competing in Australia in late July.   I credit GNC Pro Performance HMB for giving me the energy and recovery to compete in multiple events in a short period of time and perform the heavy high volume workouts that are necessary to make progress. 
Train hard, stay healthy, set your goals high, and don't forget to add GNC Pro Performance HMB to your supplement list!

Posted on June 3, 2011


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