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Team USA beats Russia!

Blog Article ImageOn August 14th; Vladivostok, Russia hosted the Pacific Strong: Russia vs. USA Strongman Championships.  The Russian team included Alexander Klyushev and Alexander Lysenko who went up against USA strongman from Texas Andy Vincent and Travis Ortmayer.  The competition consisted of 7 events including:

1. Deadlift
2. Log lift
3. Arm-Over-Arm Tug of War
4. Sudan Walk (600 kg)
5. Sumo
6. Medley of yoke (410 kg), chain (250 kg), tire (400 kg – 5 reps/flips), and log clean and press (180 kg)
7. Medley of bags (100 kg), atlas stone (200 kg), and log clean and press (180 kg)

Congratulations to Andy Vincent and Travis Ortmayer for representing the USA and taking home the victory over Russia!

Posted on August 22, 2011


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