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Team HMB: Eric Todd Interview

Eric Todd
ASC Professional Strongman
Height/Weight: 5’11”/231#
DOB: 1/5/1975
Hometown: Cameron, MO
Occupation: Junior high special education teacher, wrestling and track coach



Eric Todd has been competing in Strongman events for almost seven years, since the fall of 2001. Strongman competitions take place across the United States and around the world. These events test a competitor’s strength in various areas using events like log press, keg toss, deadlift, loading and truck pulling, which are some of the more common events. Strongman events do vary from year to year and competition to competition. For more information on Strongman competitions, visit American Strongman Corporation website –


Eric most recently competed at the Strongman Bash for the Troops in Minneola, Florida, on May 17, 2008. Prior to the competition, he began using HMB as part of his training regimen.


Eric placed fifth in the lightweight division of the Strongman event in Florida and finished with the fasted time in the Super Yoke event, beating out the nearest competitor by one-tenth of a second.


We decided to interview Eric about his participation in Strongman events, his training and how HMB helps him reach his competition goals.


What made you want to start competing in Strongman competitions?
 I competed in wrestling since I was nine. After college, I still had the competitive fire, but knew that I would not be competitive in wrestling at the next level. I was looking for something to compete in and found Strongman on the Internet. Before this, I knew of World’s Strongest Man, but was unaware that it was something you could compete in at the local level. I saw some of the results and thought, “Hey, I could do some of this.”


How do you train for the competitions?
Without getting into too much detail, I do a heavy upper day, a heavy lower day and an events day. I train in my basement. I have a few guys who come out and train Strongman on the weekends, and sometimes we travel to a nearby training group to train with them.


What’s your favorite event in the Strongman competitions you’ve competed in?
 I would say my favorites are the stones and the yoke—the stones because they are the most recognizable and primitive Strongman event and the yoke because it pretty much comes down to who has the guts to not set down the implement.


What’s your proudest moment from a competition?
 My proudest moment in Strongman is not from me competing, but it is the thousands of dollars we have raised through promoting the Gus Lohman Memorial Challenge for five years now. All the proceeds have gone to Camp Quality, a camp for children with terminal cancer. Speaking in terms of my own competition, the things that stand out the most was winning my pro card at the Monsters of the Midwest or winning my first pro show in New York.


What important lessons have you learned from competing in these competitions?
 First of all, the wins and losses will come and go, but the friends I have made doing this are ones I will have forever. Secondly, listen to those that have been around before you. They might actually know more than you.


I know you’ve used HMB to help cut weight prior to your Strongman competitions. How does HMB play a role in helping you achieve your competitive goals? Have you found that HMB has helped you in other ways?
 It helps me maintain my muscle mass and strength while cutting the weight. I have also found that it improves my recovery between workouts, so I am able to get after it a little more and have been setting PRs (personal records) like crazy.


What’s next for you in terms of competitions?
 ASC 105K America’s Strongest Man in Dallas at the Europa Super Show, August 15th and 16th.


Thank you to Eric Todd for chatting with us and good luck at the America's Strongest Man contest in August!


Posted on July 17, 2008


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