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Team HMB athletes drafted in the National Pro Grid League.

Team HMB is very proud to have 3 of our athletes representing in the National Pro Grid League (NPGL) this year. 

Sam Dancer re-signed with the San Francisco Fire, where he was a starter and an asset to their team as a heavy lifter with impressive lifts: 600 lb. back squat, 655 lb. deadlift, 315 lb. snatch, and a 365 lb. clean and jerk.  The San Francisco Fire has their first grid match against the Phoenix Rise on June 14th

Expansion team to NPGL: Baltimore Anthem select athlete Jared Enderton as their 1st pick of the 6th round.  Jared has a background in Olympic weightlifting, Strongman, and wrestling giving him a solid foundation to compete in the Grid League.  The Baltimore Anthem’s first grid match will be held June 14th against the New York Rhinos.

The Los Angeles Reign drafted Taylor Drescher in the 3rd round. Taylor’s brute strength is undeniable with a 440 lb. deadlift, 300+ back squat, 175 lb. snatch, and 235 lb. clean and jerk.  Watch out for this athlete when the LA Reign have their first match on June 13th against the Miami Surge. 

To learn more about the NPGL or to get tickets to the matches please click here.

Posted on May 15, 2015


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