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Blog Article ImageI arrived in Tampa very late Thursday night after extremely smooth travels and was reminded of the humid east coast weather the second I stepped outside the airport. The events the entire weekend were so enjoyable, since it was a very well run show. The promoter was very accommodating to make our stay as comfortable as possible.

There was media coverage with photos and interviews at our check-in where I was able to meet the other competitors. I felt very ready and relaxed. I always look forward to competing at every show and this time I felt even more excited.

On Saturday morning, I was able to get to know the competitors while we were prepping, since I had never competed with most of them. There was a beautiful line up of women who graced the stage that day. I was feeling great with perfect color, a fabulous hair and make up day, and a rockin’ physique : ). I felt very relaxed and confident on stage and was pleased with my performance.

With any competition, especially one with subjective judging like this one, you have to only compete against yourself. At my first two shows of this year, I felt good about my presentation but not 100%. In this show, I was 100% satisfied with everything. Therefore, I was 100% happy with my results. My placings don’t always reflect my own opinions, but me being happy with myself is most important factor.

As far as training goes, I am always thrilled with every day in the gym. I am currently working on bringing up my hamstrings, since I have such a deep love for those muscles : ) I’m sure they will be responding soon with the help of HMB!

Posted on June 30, 2011


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