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Talking Powerlifting with Nick Weite

Q: Hey Nick, first off, thank you for taking time out of your hectic schedule to chat with us today! How has everything been going for you?
NW: To sum it all up in one word, busy. Between my family, work and training I always have something going on but I wouldn't change it for anything.

Q: This past November I had the pleasure of watching you compete in the IPF World Championships… what was it like competing at Worlds again?
NW: Although I didn't have the meet I know I was capable of, the experience was awesome. This was my third IPF Worlds and my very first one in the states. It was the first time my family and friends were able to be at this event in person and it was incredible to have them there. Most people never get to compete in the IPF and I've been fortunate enough to lift several times.

Q: I know since then you have been prepping for the BetaTOR/PEAK ATP Pro Deadlift at the Arnold Sports Festival… what has your training been like leading up to this event? NW: I've kept it about the same as if I was training for a full meet however I've only trained in equipment for the deadlift. Everything else (bench and squat) has been raw and I'm currently squatting 3 times a week, benching 4 times and deadlifting 2 times.

Q: Do you have a specific number you would like to pull at the BetaTOR/PEAK ATP Pro Deadlift?
NW: The number I have in my head is 859. I think it's a number I'm capable of and recently hit 845 at my last meet.

Q: Do you follow a specific nutrition plan leading up to a competition?
NW: I'm usually cutting weight and follow a keto diet in order to lose the pounds and maintain. At this meet though there is no real weight class so I've backed off a little kept a higher body weight.

Q: What’s the rest of the year look like after the Arnold? What competitions do you plan to compete in for 2015?
NW: I'm almost certain to be doing the 2015 USAPL Men's Nationals in San Antonio. Other than that I have nothing set in stone.

Q: To someone just getting into a strength sport, what’s your advice to him or her?
NW: My favorite quote is "Success is a journey, not a destination." How this relates is it's a long journey to get stronger and it doesn't happen overnight. Find a good gym with a solid group of lifters and start to learn.

Q: What role has HMB/BetaTOR played in your training and competitions?
NW: It's done wonders for my recovery and keeping my strength levels maintained while cutting weight. As you can see with my workouts I have a lot of volume with the main lifts (squat, bench and deadlift) so any chance to recover quicker allows me to train harder.

Q: What PRs or goals do you have set for the 2015 season?
NW: I want to finally total over 2300 pounds at my new weight class of 264. This is something I've done at 275 but haven't accomplished at the new weight.

Q: What do you think has been key in your success in powerlifting thus far?
NW: Consistency. I make sure to push myself in training like I have from the first time I stepped in the gym. I don't miss workouts and make sure I'm doing what needs to be done to reach my goals.

Q: Any other shout outs or info you want to share with everyone?
NW: I would like to give thanks to my others sponsors, 1st Phorm and Titan Support Systems. The sport of powerlifting does not provide a huge array of sponsorships and I'm lucky enough to have great companies who back me. I would also like to give thanks to the two gyms where I work out, Max Effort Strength & Conditioning in Saint Louis, MO and 22nd Street Barbell in Des Moines, IA. Another person I would like to thank is Mike Tuchscherer of Reactive Training Systems for doing my programming the last few training cycles. Of course I would be crazy not to mention my biggest supporter, my wife Nicole. She makes a lot of sacrifices for me to make sure I'm getting my training in and without her I wouldn't still be doing this.

If anyone is going to be at the Arnold this year please come watch the BetaTOR/PEAK ATP Pro Deadlift on Sunday at 10am. This will be on the main expo stage and will have some of the best deadlifters in the world.

Thanks again Nick for your time and we wish you the best of luck at the Arnold!

Posted on March 2, 2015


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