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Taking a Break and Making a Comeback.

Blog Article ImageIt has been a while since my last blog, so I figured I ought to update everyone as to how things have been going.  I competed in USAWA Nationals in June.  My training had been stalled prior due to a back issue, and I severely strained both of my biceps while working on the farm just a couple weeks prior.  I went ahead and competed, but was far from feeling ready, and finished a disappointing 3rd.  I know 3rd at a National meet does not sound horrible, but I was so far off my game that it felt horrible.  

So, after Nationals, I made the decision to take a break.  I focused on light weights, high reps, cardio, and getting healthy.  I started running again.  I can say the cardiovascular benefits of HMB always amaze me.  It makes getting back into running so much easier.  It surprises me how quickly I get back to a decent intensity since I have been taking HMB.

Anyhow, after a couple of months of lying low, I started working my way into a little heavier training.  This weekend past, I competed in the third annual "Battle of the Barn" which this year served as the USAWA Old Time Strongman Championship.  The event went well.  I hit a PR in the Saxon snatch, a post surgery PR on the Apollon's Axle, and a meet PR on the Hand and Thigh of 1500 lbs..  The only event I was not pleased with was the Dinnie Lift as I missed my third attempt, but I was going for a PR.  There were some very strong challengers at this meet, so I was happy to get the win in both formula and weight lifted.  After the meet, I broke the record in the hip lift in the 120 kg division with a lift of 2560 lbs.  I felt like I had more in the tank, but couldn’t fit more weight on the bar.  Time to get a bigger bar I guess!

As always, I thank HMB for the opportunity to train hard, and still recover, especially on these brutal big bar lifts.  And thank you to Peak ATP for helping me perform at the top of my game on Saturday. 

Posted on November 3, 2014


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