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Take a Chance.

Blog Article ImageLast weekend, May 10th, I was competing at the HOA Classic Open Pro Class, where I was the 2 time defending champ.  I went into the day feeling pretty good about defending my title.  I was a little nervous, simply because I prepped completely different that I ever had before.  During this prep I managed to maintain so much more size than ever before and I stepped on stage at 208 lbs., which for a natural bodybuilder is really big.  Every other Pro in my class weighed in around 185 lbs.  But due to the change in prep, my body did not respond how it normally does and I did not get as conditioned as I normally do. 

On Saturday the judges were looking for conditioning over size, which was bad news for me.  So in my attempt to go for my third win here I fell short.  It ended up being a disappointing day and one that I will not forget. 

Some people might say, why in the heck would you change the way you prepped for a show after winning the last 2 times?  Well, I was striving for improvement.  The safe way would have been to keep doing what I had always done and looking back on that now, it is really easy to say that is what I should have done.  But I am striving for greatness and no one has ever achieved greatness by doing what he or she has always done.  I took a risk, a substantial risk.  Trying something new when going for a 3 peat was risky, not very many people have pulled off a 3 peat at the professional level in any sport, but I thought to myself, if I want to become an ELITE natural bodybuilder, truly elite, I needed to make some changes.  

I needed to be able to take my body where it had not gone before and I was not going to do that by continuing to keep doing the same thing I had always done.  I tried and failed, but in life, sport or anything you do the only true failure comes from either not trying at all, or not learning from the failure.  I did both.  I tried and failed in my attempt, but I also learned a great deal about what I believe can work and what I believe will take me to that next level.  I am glad I took the risk I did.  I wish it would have worked and I would have won, but nonetheless I am still glad that I did it.  I learned several things about myself and how far I can go and what is too far! 

I will be back, I will take what I have learned and apply it to the next round and maybe with a few more tweaks I will find that combination or formula that will make it so when I step on the stage every one already feels beat!  I am writing about my failure today to help each and every one of you to push yourself to take that chance, take that one more step.   If you fail, fine, learn and try again.  Fail again and continue to learn and try again! 

Greatness will not come to anyone.  Don't wait for it to knock on your door.  You have to go get it, sometimes you will miss, but if you catch it…BOOM! 

Posted on May 13, 2014


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