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Summertime Flying By

Blog Article ImageI can’t believe it is already the middle of July.  It will be less than a month until I am back in school.  At the end of June, I promoted the tenth annual "Missouri's Strongest Man: The Gus Lohman Memorial Challenge".  Here are the final placings:

1st-Mike Taylor
2nd-John Obrien
3rd-Todd "The Hebrew Hammer" Lowenstein
4th-Greg Cook
5th-Lance Foster

1st-Jason Kusick
2nd-Casey Day

1st-Mark Allen
2nd-Zac Craig
3rd-Mike Prewitt
4th-Justin Cantwell
5th-Scottish Johnny Strangeway
6th-Troy Goetch
7th-Kevin Rekowski
8th-Kevin Lingenfelter
9th-Randy Choitz
10th-Christopher NEske
11th-Brady Smith

Overall LW division
1st Mark Allen
2nd Zac Craig
3rd Mike Prewitt

1st-Brendan Moehn
2nd-Alan English
3rd-Keith Thompson
4th-Mike Lucht
5th-Jesse Jobe
6th-Garrett Nichols
7th-Brendan Tabor

1st-Jon Hereth
2nd-Sean Patterson
3rd-Daniel Hickman
4th-Matt Krulic
5th-Mike Simpson
6th-Ry Lemmings

Overall Middleweight Division
1st-Jon Hereth
2nd Brendan Moehn
3rd-Sean Patterson

1st-Spenser Remick
2nd-Jacob Adams
3rd-Jason Ries

1st-Bryan Benzel
2nd-Brad Spier

Overall Heavyweight class
1st-Bryan Benzel
2nd-Spenser Remick
3rd-Jacob Adams

This meet is a benefit for Camp Quality, a camp for children with cancer.  All of our proceeds go to them.  With the help of all our generous sponsors, but particularly Metabolic Technologies and Optimum Nutrition, we gave Camp Quality our largest check to date, $7000.  That brings our total to over $34,000.

My training is going well.  I have been hitting the big bar lifts pretty hard and have continually been setting PRs in them.  I am hoping to attempt a couple different world records in the neck lift in the near future.  Stay tuned for that!  I am also planning on hitting a powerlifting meet or two before the end of the year. 

As it is summer, this is the time I have to get lots of work done on the farm, as I am out of school.  This work includes cutting and hauling brush, mending or building fence, work on the structures, or scooping poop out of the barn.  It is often grueling work, but stuff that has to be done, often on excessively hot days.  I can’t let this get in the way of my training, and that is where HMB comes in.  It allows me to push my body to the limit on the farm, and still recover in time to hit PR workouts.  After which, I refuel with Optimum Nutrition's (ON) Platinum Hydrowhey.  Thanks to HMB and ON for keeping my training on the right track!  Until next time.

Posted on July 17, 2013


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