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Summer Training and Hot July Weather | Brad Gillingham

I just got back from the 2017 National Strength and Conditioning Association (NCSCA) National Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This year’s conference was once again held at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.  I have been to Paris Las Vegas several times for the National Conference. It is always great to spend a week in Las Vegas.   I spent most of my time working at the GNC Booth, and talking with coaches about training and supplementation.  I was able to hit a couple of morning workouts. I had a great speed bench workout with an old friend of mine (The Harpster) at the Power Lift booth.  I also worked in some Thompson Fat Bell training over at Sorinex. This was followed by heavy sand bag carries around the expo hall.  It is always great to train on some of the newer equipment, and this year it was better to stay inside, as it was 110 degrees around the pool.

For the past four months I have been able to stay off the blood thinners; that I had to take on and off for the past 3 years because of a blood clot issue.  It is amazing how weak some of these medications can make a person in a short time.  My upper body has lost some strength, but I have been mainly effected in loss of leg and back strength. It is hard for me to admit, but I had not been able to squat or deadlift over 500 lbs. for over a year. In the last two months, I have really been able to feel the effects of the medicine leaving my body.   I have progressed 10 kg a week in the deadlift the last eight weeks (518-540-562-584-606-628-650-672).  I am hoping to get over 700 lbs. by the end of this month. With the loss of training time this past three years, and the simple fact that I am now on the other side of 50 years old, I do not envision that I will ever return to my previous strength levels. Perhaps my new goal has to change from chasing that 900 lb. deadlift to trying to get over 800 lbs. again.

Not only was it hot in Las Vegas but the weather has really heated up in Minnesota.  Monday we had a rare 100-degree day.  This makes training in a big metal building with no air conditioning a little difficult.  Everyone had to try their best to stay hydrated, and to cut back on the volume a little.  We are all still really enjoying our extra strongman workouts at the end of our training.  Coach Nelson and I have continued to be creative in figuring out some new ways to carry heavy things and whip the young people in the gym into shape or at least try to show them we are not that old yet!  (LOL)

Train smart, stay healthy, set your goals high, and make sure to add GNC Pro Performance HMB along with BetaTOR and BetaATP products, available at your local GNC Store, to supplement your strength, energy and recovery needs.  These products are essential for any athlete that wants to train harder and recover faster!

Stay Strong!

Brad Gillingham, CSCS

Posted on July 26, 2017


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