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Summer Time Training | Brad Gillingham

Summer is here and training is cranking up at Jackals Gym!  Our membership always increases in the summer with some of our high school and college athletes coming back to train for their upcoming seasons.  We have added a high volume of strongman/functional strength movements at the end of our traditional three day/week program.  It has been a great change in training atmosphere with the farmer’s walks, sandbag carries and pushing the sled around the back of the gym.  It’s always easy to get excited about new training movements, but we have really set the standard for hard work.  Now the gym challenge is to maintain that hard work the rest of the summer.

We have been getting Dean Johnson ready for his trip to the IPF World Championships in Minsk, Belarus.  Dean will be competing in the 93 kg Masters I Class.  Dean is in the Minnesota National Guard and has served two deployments to Iraq.  The entire gym is proud of his service to the country, and we’re happy that he now gets to represent the USA on the powerlifting platform at the IPF World Championships!  Dean has a different challenge, than most of us civilians, as he has to balance his strength training in the summer with the physical training he has with the military.  His squat and deadlift training have finished off very strong. He is in a great position to bring home some medals.   Good Luck Dean!

Last week we started the summer strength-training program for our Minneota female athletes.  The primary goals of our program are injury prevention, and to increase speed, strength and vertical jump. We have a two day per week split that includes a circuit of mobility and plyometric work followed by explosive weight training. The strength-training component contains (2) four week cycles that utilize a high volume, wave approach to training intensity. The Monday workout trains hang cleans, speed deadlifts, front squats, bench press and planks.  Then their Thursday workout consists of hang cleans, speed squats, bench press and planks.  We have an interesting mixture of athletes that range from inexperienced seventh graders to the more seasoned Varsity lifter.  We’re in a cramped space with a large number of athletes.  It can make training hectic at times, but we find a way to make it work. I am looking forward to seeing how much progress we can make this summer.  Last year we had 19 girls clean over 100 lbs.  I have a feeling that this year that number is going to increase.

I am still recovering from my health issue and my training has been going very well.  I am starting to think about competing again in the near future.  The main thing is that I am having a lot of fun training.  I am much stronger this year than last year, and the added functional strength movements have me in much better physical shape.

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Stay Strong!

Brad Gillingham, CSCS

Posted on June 15, 2017


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