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Summer is Here | Brad Gillingham

Our summer training at Jackals Gym has kicked off as of a couple weeks ago by having our 10th Annual Gillingham High Performance (GHP) Grip Contest and Jackals Gym Spring Party.  My brother Wade organizes and sponsors this event every year through his GHP Gripper Company.  The contest is always a great time, and every year we have several former members come back to test their grip strength.  It is generally a relaxed atmosphere, but the competitive spirit comes out in everyone.  The contest includes a GHP Gripper event, rolling thunder, and pinch grip event.  In case of a tie, a blob-lifting event is added at the end of the contest. Wade generously provides some great prizes to the top ten place winners.  Wade has a World Class grip.  He has dominated this contest all 10 years.  This leaves the rest of us fighting for second.  Every year that I have competed, I have placed behind Wade in every event, but not this year.

Jordan Krogman has developed a pair of vice-grips for hands. Evidently, I have not been training grip hard enough!  I placed second behind Wade in the Rolling Thunder, but Jordan was able to beat me at the grippers.  I gambled on the pinch grip guillotine by passing to a heavier weight.  Unfortunately, I was not able to make the weight, and I finished third. The contest was a lot of fun, and as usual, it was followed by beer, brats, burgers and refreshments. Already looking forward to training for next year’s contest!

This past weekend I traveled to Spokane, Washington with GNC to attend the USA Powerlifting National Championships.  Spokane is a beautiful city, and the meet was held in the Red Lion Hotel next to the Spokane River. I have been attending the RAW Nationals since 2012, but I had not been to an Open Nationals since 2011.  I had a great meet that year.  In 2011, I pulled 870 lbs. at the end to finish just ahead of Randall Harris in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. 

The geared lifting is incredible these days with the advancement of supportive gear.  Several women were over 500 lbs. in the squat and deadlift. IPF SHW World Champion Bonica Brown squatted 700 lbs.  There were numerous great performances in the Men’s Class with possibly the most impressive by Knute Douglas in the 83 kg Class.  He became the first USA Powerlifting competitor to total over 2000 lbs. below 200 lb. bodyweight. The weekend of lifting got me fired up to get back to the gym and train as hard as I can this summer.

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Stay Strong!

Brad Gillingham, CSCS

Posted on May 31, 2018


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