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Summer Competitions Continue...

Blog Article ImageThe last month has been an interesting one.  Our daughter Phoebe celebrated her first birthday.  It is amazing how much she has changed, and how the time has flown.  She is an awesome little girl, full of personality.  She has a temper like her dad though.

On June 25th I went to compete in USAWA Nationals.  It ended up going rather well.  Even though I have been nursing a multitude of injuries, I lifted pretty well.  I ended up winning my weight class, Best Open Lifter, and was 3 formula points away from winning overall best lifter of the meet.  I left a few pounds on the platform in a few of the lifts, and it came back to bite me.  It was a rookie mistake from someone who is far from a rookie. 

Last weekend, I went to Holland, Kansas to judge the Dino Gym strongman meet.  The Dino Gym is the best home gym I have ever been to.  If you ever get the chance to go, I highly recommend it.  I saw some old friends and lots of new faces which is always refreshing.  There was a lot of great lifting as well.  I saw fellow Team HMB athlete and Pro Strongman John Connor clean and press a 410lb axle for a new Dino Gym record.

As for the rest of my year, it is kind of up in the air.  I will be serving as a judge at NAHA Nationals in September, and will probably go help at Kansas Strongest Man as well.  All of my training and focus will be to hopefully make another trip back to 105K America's Strongest Man.  I have lots of things to get in order to make that happen.  I need to get some nagging injuries taken care of first and foremost.  I think if I can do that I can make another run.  So, until next time train hard, say your prayers, and keep taking your HMB!

Posted on August 2, 2011


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