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Summer Competitions

Blog Article ImageWell, it has been another busy month.  A few weeks ago, I traveled down to Joplin to compete in the Joplin Highland Games.  While my throwing was definitely subpar (I was dealing with several nagging injuries), I still tied for first place, so I cannot complain too loudly. 
Then on June 11, I hosted the "Missouri's Strongest Man: The Gus Lohman Memorial VIII".  While promoting a show like this is quite stressful, it always ends up being more than rewarding in the end.  A huge thanks to our major sponsors MTI and Optimum Nutrition for definitely making this a top notch event.

The final results were:
1st- Jason Kusick
2nd-Casey Day
3rd- Mathew Andre

1st-Justin Cantwell
2nd- Zac Craig
3rd- Jason Borgoin

1st-Sal Badali
2nd-Donovan Rascon
3rd-Rory Seltsam

1st-Bryan Benzel
2nd-Chris Anderson
3rd-Jeremy McNeeley

1st-Billy Duncan
2nd-Jason Oyler

1st- Cody Brant
2nd-Mark Brownson
3rs-Jay Holder

Overall division placings are:
1st-Dave Kraft
2nd-Lance Foster

1st-Justin Cantwell
2nd-Zac Craig
3rd- Lon Beffort

1st- Bryan Benzel
2nd- Sal Badali
3rd- Chris Anderson

1st- Cody Brant
2nd- Billy Duncan
3rd- Mark Brownson

Lastly, there was an overall award of $100 from Heritage Chiropractic in Belton for the overall badass award. The unanimous decision was to give it to Johnathon Lewis for his awe inspiring medley (it was awesome!) and his overall impressive day (repping out a 250 log the first time he ever touched it as an 18 year old kid in his first competition, as well as a sick medley.
Still exhausted from the competition, I and some other members of KCSTRONGMAN went to Camp Quality, a camp for children with cancer, to perform for the campers, companions and staff.  In all, there were a couple hundred spectators.  We did some regular strongman lifting as well as some demo feats like tearing phonebooks and decks of cards, bending nails and steel bars, rolling up frying pans, and breaking locks and concrete blocks.  The kids really got into it, and everything went well.  At the end of the show, I was proud to be able to give our donation of $5100 from the proceeds of the contest to them.  It was a tiring, but quite rewarding day.
Next up is USAWA Nationals this weekend.  Lifts there include a zercher lift, a dumbell snatch, pullover and push, 12" base deadlift, cheat curl, and axle continental clean.  I am pumped up for this event, and trust that with the aid of HMB, I will be at the top of my game.  I will let you all know how that goes.

Posted on June 21, 2011


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