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Study shows HMB prevents loss of lean mass

Researchers studied the effects of daily HMB supplementation in aged rats during a 16-week period.  They studied a control group and an HMB group that took 0.46 g/kg/d, which is comparable to a 6 g/d dosage in humans because rats have a much higher metabolic rate than humans.  There was a lean body mass (LBM) decline in the control group, while the HMB group saw an improvement in the lean body mass/total body mass (LBM/TBM) ratio.  HMB use was also shown to reduce fat mass (FM).  This study, which used rats as a model for elderly humans, showed that HMB supplementation can prevent loss of lean body mass and improve the LBM/TBM ratio, although the mechanisms for these results are not known.

To find out more about this study and how HMB can prevent loss of lean muscle mass, read the abstract at here.


Posted on August 16, 2010


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