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How should I apply specificity to strongman training?

Specificity in strongman can be tricky. You need to think of the events like part of a sport, kind of like how you would think of shooting, dribbling, and passing in basketball. Each one of those skills needs to be fine tuned, just like the events that you will be competing in. You also need to focus on limiting your weaknesses, without spending too much time on them. I have found that it's also critical to focus on the strengths that you have, and the events that you already excel at. If certain events are strong for you, make sure you continue to develop them, so that they can remain strengths. The rest of your overall weight training is really your base for everything else. I would say that base strength training should be about 75% of your training, with specific events making up the other 25% of your overall training time and volume. It's critical to train specific events for specific contests, but you can't forget about your overall strength, because that is where the carryover of your event training will have the biggest impact.

Spenser Remick, ASC Pro Strongman

Posted on June 7, 2018


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