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Strongman Show of Champions - Orlando

Blog Article ImageThe Strongman Show of Champions at the Europa Supershow in Orlando was the first ASC pro strongman contest for the year. I am proud to have been able to compete and represent Team HMB at this contest. HMB has been an essential part of my regimen for the last 18 months by improving my ability to recover from training and in between events at contests. At this contest, lightweight amateurs and heavyweight amateurs were also competing for a pro card. I was looking forward to competing with some friends as well as rivals. I flew out to Orlando early Friday morning, immediately went to weight in (216 fully clothed) and then to Olive Garden for a quick lunch, then onto the contest. Unfortunately, half of the 105K pro field was unable to compete due to injuries, however those of us that made it were determined to make it a great contest. Here is how it went:

Day 1
Last Man Standing Log Press

The starting weight was 300, and I completed and easy lift here, as well as at 310 and 320 before failing at 330. The wooden Slater log was awesome to use.

Conan’s Wheel
The weight was heavy, just the way I like it, at about 700lb in hand. I usually carry the Conan’s wheel low but that could not be done with this one because the pick height was high. I’ll need to work on carrying it up higher from now on. Only 63’ here.

This was it for Friday’s portion of the competition, and I was in second place.

Kirk Nowack – 6.5
Justin Blake – 6
Dave Mihalov – 5.5

Day 2
Yoke and Keg Carry Medley

This event was all about speed. The 700lb yoke was easy to move but I never got my legs to turn over as fast as I wanted. I tossed the yoke across the line and went straight to the 270lb keg. I got a fast pick and ran it back 80’. My time was 27.1s for 1st place beating Dave by only 0.3 seconds.

Dumbell Press
This was supposed to be a monster dumbbell press, but it was just a plate loaded 2” handle for the 105K class. At 140lb the dumbbell was a little tricky because the plates wanted to spin at the start of the press. I’ve improved dramatically at this event since I first tried it, but am still no were near fast enough to be competitive with this light of a weight, 8 reps got me last place here and 0.5 behind Dave for the lead.

Farmers Carry
This event turned out awesome, it consisted of carrying 320lb in each hand for 150’ with a turn around a keg at 75’. Everything was going as planned and I foolishly tried to accelerate more through the last 20’, lost my balance and crashed across the finish line. Fortunately I crossed the line before I completely lost it for a time of 33.2 seconds. Dave followed my lead and also crashed across the finish line but in 33.0 seconds to extend his lead to 1.5 points. Justin Wheeler also finished in 33.8 seconds making it 3 guys within one second, which is crazy on a 150’ carry!

Atlas Stone Over Bar
The 360lb stone was brand new. I put up 2 easy reps and I grabbed the stone for the 3rd. As I started pulling the top layer of the stone came up but the stone didn’t. After rolling the stone over and then back into position I knocked out another 2 reps but wasted too much time trying to stay away from the nasty spot on the stone. I put the 5th rep over at 1:01, just a second too late. This put me in 2nd place for the event and overall. Congrats to Dave on his victory, it looks like it will be a fierce competition every time we meet.

At this point I was just disappointed that the contest was over. Although my body was bruised, cut and skinned up, muscularly I was ready for 6 more events. I am looking forward to competing as a Heavyweight amateur next weekend at the Motorcity’s Strongest man, and continuing to improve in this ever challenging sport. Contests like this always increase my desire to improve physically and mentally.

Train Hard and stay tuned for results from Motrocity’s Strongest Man!

Posted on April 21, 2010


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