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Daniel Gastelu of talks with Dr. Steve Nissan, cofounder of MTI and developer of HMB (β-Hydroxy β-Methylbutyrate).  In this interview, Dr. Nissen discusses his career researching protein synthesis and breakdown, and the research process that led to the development of HMB products. Dr. Nissen reviews highlights of his research starting with his efforts researching Leucine and how this research led him to HMB, and the slow, lengthy process of research and development.

He reviews the key human research studies about HMB and strength training, and doubling the muscle building effects, and the effective dosage range for using HMB. Dr. Nissen also discusses taking HMB with other supplements, in particular the added/synergistic muscle building benefits of using HMB with Creatine. Then Dr. Nissen talks about his most recent research efforts about using HMB for other types of athletes, such as for improving endurance athletic performance, and about how HMB is now being used by in medical applications for preserving muscle mass during the aging process.
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Posted on July 1, 2008


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