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Spring Travel and Training | Brad Gillingham

I started out April by traveling with GNC to the NSCA Tactical Strength and Conditioning Conference (TSAC) in Norfolk, Virginia.  The TSAC Conference brings together professionals involved in the military, fire and rescue, and law enforcement fields.  TSAC provides training to strength and conditioning facilitators to improve performance, promote wellness, and decrease injuries.  The conference was along the waterfront in downtown Norfolk with no snow and 70 degrees!  It is always good to hear a different perspective regarding training.  Regardless of our individual purpose for training, I think we all share similar goals when it comes to staying strong and healthy. 

This past week I traveled to College Station Texas with GNC to attend the USA Powerlifting Collegiate Nationals on the Campus of Texas A&M.  The competition was held in the Hall of Champions, which is located on the west side of the recently completed $500 million dollar rebuild of Kyle Field.  Kyle Field is home of the Texas A&M Aggie football team.   The Collegiate Nationals is unique with all of the athletes competing as part of a college team  It was great to see the large teams from Texas A&M, Louisiana Tech, Midland University, Ohio State, Navy, Texas, Rutgers, San Antonio, Northeastern, and many other colleges represented to compete  for the National Championship.  There were over 800 athletes lifting on five platforms all at the same time. The week went by fast.  I had a great opportunity to see some old friends, watch a lot of lifting, and talk training with a large number of athletes and coaches.  Congratulations to all of the lifters on a great performance!

All of the traveling can make my own training difficult, but I managed to get in most of my workouts. I typically double up my training the days prior to leaving, and then find a way to lift light when on the road. This sometimes takes some creativity to find the time and the right equipment.  I am starting to increase my training intensity, and I have been moving some heavier weights.  I am experimenting some with combining my rack lockouts with some isometric work in the bench.  I hope that this gets the bench moving.  I will have more to report on my progress in the future.  Now that spring has finally arrived in Minnesota we are starting to do more sand bag carries, sled work and farmers walks in the unheated part of our building. I can tell that taking time off from these movements has taken its toll on my endurance.  Time to get functionally strong again as our summer workout crew at Jackals Gym will be starting soon. 

Train smart, stay healthy, set your goals high, and make sure to add GNC Pro Performance HMB along with BetaTOR and BetaATP products, available at your local GNC Store, to supplement your strength, energy and recovery needs.  These products are essential for any athlete that wants to train harder and recover faster!

Stay Strong!

Brad Gillingham, CSCS

Posted on May 1, 2018


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