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Spring Season has Arrived

Blog Article ImageAfter a long hard winter spring has finally arrived in Minnesota. It is amazing how good the body feels when you do not have to walk into the gym out of -20F weather, and at times shovel your way into the front door.  My training home, Jackals Gym is a private club.  I still have nightmares about being greeted several times this winter with the 5 foot snow drift that needed to be dismantled via shovel and manpower before our training session could begin.  
After taking a couple of weeks off following the Arnold and I am back to training heavy.  I am starting to plan my 2010 competition schedule.  I am currently training for the June 2010 USAPL Men's Nationals in Palm Springs, California.  This is the qualifying meet for the USAPL World Team which will compete at the IPF World Championships in South Africa in November. I may also compete at the Masters Nationals in Killeen, Texas in May; which is the qualifier for the IPF Masters World Championships in the Czech Republic in October. 
I am continuing to get great strength and recovery gains from taking GNC Pro Performance HMB.  With the enhanced recovery I am able to add in some extra workouts to strengthen the back injury, and I feel like it is 95% recovered.  My recovery has also been very good following my Friday night 5x5 squat workouts.  This has changed my training plans for my Nationals meet cycle. I am going to try and link more 5x5 squat workouts together week after week like I was able to do 2-3 years ago.  In recent years I have had to work more active recovery weeks (60-65% training intensity for 8 sets of 2 reps) into my training cycle.   I am finding that I am less sore following my 5x5 workouts since loading up on GNC Pro Performance HMB, and I am able to go back to more consistent and heavier 5x5 training.  It is very early in my training, and I was able to work up to 5x5x585 this week.  I am hoping that the additional 5x5 workouts will be the answer to increasing my max squat, and pushing me over the 900 Lb barrier in the deadlift.
Train hard, stay health, and good luck in achieving your strength goals!

Posted on April 2, 2010


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