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Spices are the varity of life!

Blog Article ImageI know this sounds backwards, but when you are cooking clean, healthy food; spices should be your best friend. Growing up in an Italian/Lebanese household, our food was anything but bland. I think my mom put garlic in my bottle as a baby! I may have eliminated the butter and heavy cream from my Grandmother’s recipes, but the flavor of my food stays. You have probably heard the saying about cooking chicken one million ways! Well I try to spice my chicken up one million ways!  And oatmeal, I can make oatmeal taste as good as a pastry! I am always trying new combinations of seasonings, herbs and spices. Staying true to my roots, garlic is obviously a staple, as is mouthwash, of course! But some new favorites include cilantro, old bay, anything Mrs. Dash, flavored stevia and of course cinnamon, lots of cinnamon. This photograph is not a joke, this is everything from my personal spice cabinet and doesn’t include fresh or refrigerated items. So if you are struggling to keep to a clean nutrition plan and are craving flavor, spice it up!

Dry chicken, I say mustard. Plain egg whites, how about hot sauce? Basic oatmeal, hmm apple pie spice and vanilla stevia. Turkey, talk to me about taco seasoning! Spinach salad, balsamic baby!

Along with my nutrition plan, I depend on HMB to reach my health and fitness goals. Chicken and egg whites are great, but after one of my tough training sessions, I rely on my HMB to decrease protein breakdown and increase protein synthesis, leading to strength gains. And I love strength gains! Well, I could go on and on, but it’s time to eat I am going to enjoy every bite!

Posted on July 15, 2013


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