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Smiling Ear to Ear!

Blog Article ImageI began my MMA training and I am definitely in love! I was so excited the night before that I barely slept. I felt like a kid the night before Christmas! The evening prior to my first day, I watched an MMA amateur event and was even more inspired.

Legends gym is in the transition of relocating, so the training is at a temporary location. I’m enjoying the old school feel of this location with old photos of fighters on the walls. The trainers at Legends Gym are all very welcoming and helpful. I feel very grateful to be training with them.

I learned to properly wrap my hands along with the right and left punches and kicks. I am smiling ear to ear to be learning a new sport! It reminds me of the feelings I had as a kid when I did gymnastics. I have pure joy during training and anticipate the next training session.

The following day I shot for MMA Fitness Magazine which will be on stands in August. I had a great time shooting some bikini photos and then some MMA photos. In addition, there are also action shots with Legends trainer, Eddie Jackson. It was a combination of learning while shooting.

I look forward to every day in the gym and learning a new craft. Even though it is a new type of training, I am still relying on HMB to keep me strong, recovered, and lean! In the meantime, I’m practicing my posing and will be on stage in July!

Posted on May 25, 2012


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