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Shifting Gears

Blog Article ImageI ended June with my fifth jiu jitsu tournament this year. I competed a week prior to this one, so I was ready to go again the following week. The last tournament was submission only with eight-minute rounds and it ended in a draw. I was happy that I completed the lateral throw again and that I feel confident with at least one takedown. I also felt the most calm I ever have in a tournament and my breathing was much better than usual.

Although I took the month of July off from competing, I look forward to entering more tournaments to get as much experience as possible. I am also prepping for my next IFBB competition on August 10th in Culver City. I definitely have been adjusting the past year to doing both physiques shows and martial arts. I used to have my nutrition down to a science until the past year where I had to re-assess everything with my new training.

I was reflecting on the year given that I started martial arts about a year ago. I’m beginning to feel balanced again even though it hasn’t been that way throughout the year. I have been re-learning my body in regards to recovery and nutrition. One of the biggest challenges has been scheduling. I am lucky that I have a flexible schedule, yet I was used to fitting in the gym when my schedule allows. Now it is according to class times. I found out I cannot train past 8pm. I joke about how I have tried the jiu jitsu night classes only to have dreams of jiu jitsu all night. It would be a good thing if I wasn’t waking up every 15 minutes either submitting or defending an opponent in my dreams only to realize that it is my pillow. Then the following day, I am barely functional.

With my recent competitions being tournaments, I am now switching gears to get on stage again. I’m looking forward to doing so, since it has been a while. I have also had more change than usual in the past year in my life unrelated to training. Looking back at my last two shows, I wasn’t completely ready as I had been in the past. I didn’t realize it at the time, since I had so much happening. Today, I am feeling so excited and ready for the stage. Another form of motivation is getting my clients ready for the stage as well!

I feel very happy to be training and competing in both martial arts and physique competitions. I am also very lucky to have all the support that I do especially from Team HMB, both the product and the people. Come out and support me in Culver City on August 10th if you are in the area. Check back with me next month for results from my show!

Posted on July 29, 2013


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