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Seeing Three White Lights

Blog Article ImageOn July 11th I had the great privilege of competing in the USAPL U.S. Open in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. This contest offered a full power meet, push-pull, bench press only, and deadlift only. I competed in the deadlift only portion of the meet. The meet was put on by Robert Keller. His meets are always very well organized, equipped, and judged. This meet was no exception.

The goal going into this meet was to post a 200 Wilk’s score in the deadlift. I started with an opening deadlift of 320kg (705 pounds), followed it with a 335kg (738 pounds) second attempt, and finished with a 345kg (760 pounds) final lift, with all three lifts being passed with three white lights. This lift is only 5kg off of my personal best and resulted in a Wilk’s score of 201. Videos of the deadlifts can be seen on my YouTube site.

This competition was a big step forward after suffering the setback of the torn spinal erector in my lower back earlier this year. God really used the training leading up to this contest to teach me a tremendous amount about patience, a quality that has not been my strongest in the past. This has been a humbling experience. The best part of competing is meeting great people and developing new relationships, and this contest did not disappoint in this area.

Next up is USAPL Deadlift National Championships in Denver, CO on October 16th. This contest is a qualifier for the 2011 IPF GNC Pro Deadlift at the Arnold Sports Festival. The goal for this contest will be 352.5kg (777 pounds)-355kg (782 pounds). I think this goal is well within reach. Training will focus on RDL’s, heavy rowing and raw back squats. I need to improve the top end of my deadlift before this contest. This used to be a strong point for me, but has lagged as of late due to not being able to use rack deadlifts in training; these are a high risk movement for me right now in terms of reinjuring my lower back. I will be incorporating deadlifts with chains to overload the top end of the deadlift in the upcoming training phase.

HMB continues to be a staple of my recovery arsenal. Nothing gives a muscle recovery edge like HMB. A big thanks goes to TEAM HMB for all of their support!


Posted on July 14, 2010


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