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Blog Article ImageWhere to begin?  So much has happened over the last month or so.  First off, my training has been going so well.  I have revamped my offseason diet and workout programs and it has really made a difference.  When I started on my new program 7 weeks ago I weighed 206 and now I am tipping the scales at 218 and am still pretty lean.  I am getting very strong right now and hitting new PR's almost every week at the gym. 

My macros are as follows for 6 days per week:  360g carbs, 275g protein, 75g fat and then on my refeed day it is: 700g carbs, 260g protein and 70g fat.  My body has been sucking up these calories and it is showing in the gym and the mirror.  I love how I feel right now and I love the kick and extra boost that I get from HMB during my workouts and recovery.  Which has been huge right now because I am training every body part 2 times per week.  Without HMB, there is no way my muscles would be able to recover fast enough to get these workouts done. 

Watch for great things from me in 2014.  I think I may have a shot at the World's!  I am turning 44 this year and have never felt better.  Sometimes I feel sorry for these younger guys that show up and try to beat this old man :-) *Not really! 

Another thing I am doing right now is taking regular visits to a chiropractor, but not a normal chiropractor that you might think of.  The guy I see deals with Kinesiology.  When I started working with him he ran all kinds of test on me and we found out that 27% of the muscles in my body were not firing correctly.  Over the last month we have been doing a lot of exercises to change that and now everything is firing the way it is supposed to and I am seeing the results in the gym.

The show I promote, the Titan Classic went great this year.  We had 50 competitors from everywhere, handed out 8 Pro Cards and everyone had a great time.  Make sure you check out the Titan Classic in 2014, it will be on June 28th. 

Posted on August 12, 2013


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