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Scottish Highland Games

Blog Article ImageI recently competed in a highland games in Kirksville, MO.  The day started offfantastic.  Event 1 was the sheaf.  In this event you use a pitchfork to hurl a burlap sack over a horizontal bar.  This event used to be my nemesis, but last year (at this same meet) something clicked and I have been competitive in it ever since.  I topped out at 24', and had the height for 26' but just was not able to get it over the bar.  I hit a new PR and got second place.

Second event was the Weight over bar.  In this event you have a weight made from steel or lead with a metal circular handle.  You must throw the weight with one hand over a bar set at increasing heights above the thrower.  I hit 13'.  I was close on 13'6", which would have tied an all-time PR.  This was good enough for first. 

Next up was the Braemar stone.  This event is very similar to the shot put.  My best throw was just under 30'.  Good throw, but not my best.  It was good enough for first by about a foot, though.

The last event before lunch was the heavy weight for distance.  In this, 56lbs of metal is connected to a chain or handle and is thrown as far as possible with one hand.  A spinning technique is commonly used.  I ended up hitting 24'10" for the win here. If I kept this up, there was no way I could be beat.

Unfortunately, the second half of the day had different things in store for me. We began with the light weight throw which is the same as the last event, except its 28lbs.  I had been doing a 2 spin lately which has been going okay.  Not this time, it felt terrible.  So I went to a 1 spin, which I think I will continue playing with.  Got a 47' throw, not very good, I think it was 4' off my PR.  The throw was good for 4th place.

Next up was the hammer throw.  In this you throw a stick with a handle and metal ball at the opposing end.  They had two hammers that didn’t have tape on the handle, and the other one felt like someone had rubbed vaseline on it.  I couldn’t hang onto it. First one shot into the fence.  Second one slipped right before I released it. I finally got one off, but was focused so much on not losing it that the throw sucked.  I threw it about 61'.  Good for 4th again.

The light hammer went better than the heavy, but still not great.  I hit an 81', good for 3rd, and way off a PR.  The last event of the day for us was the caber toss, which I am growing to despise. A long tapered pine pole or log is stood upright and you have to run and toss it in hopes that it turns end over end.  It always feels light-always feels easy, but then never goes over.  I guess I should get one to train on, but I'm not sure how to go about doing that.  Had to settle for degrees here, I placed 4th. 

When the dust settled, after my dismal afternoon, I got 2nd place by a point and a half.  If any one event in the afternoon had gone just a bit better, I could have won another one, but I have definite room for improvement. Since competing at 105K pro nationals, my focus has been to get my training partner ready for amateur nationals.  He is making great gains, and I am sure will have a good showing.  Through pushing him, I have hit several PRS along the way.

Less than a week until wrestling season starts, and time to train will be a hot commodity.  I will continue to depend on my HMB to promote recovery and strength gains during this time, as I am also planning on doing a powerlifting meet with my dad in November.  It is always great to lift with my dad, and his training has been going good as well.  Until next time...

Posted on October 27, 2010


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