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Blog Article ImageIn a few more weeks I will be taking a short flight to Sacramento to compete again. This show will be my last for 2010 and I am looking to finish strong. I'm, as always, thrilled to get on stage and proudly represent Team HMB. It will be seven weeks since my last show, yet it seems like so much longer. I like to compete often, not only because I love it, but also because it is great practice for the next show. No matter how much practice is done or reviewing of videos/photos, it is such a difference on stage in front of a crowd and judges.

I practice my posing, so it is second nature to me. When the nervous and excited feelings run through me, is when the second nature posing is flowing on stage. The mental preparation is important as well. I often use visualization of my posing on a stage along with the entire trip running smoothly. Preparing for Sacramento, I've been kicking up training a notch. I have been doing a lot of supersets, drop sets, and twenty-one's, to name a few. I enjoy having the muscle soreness the following days because I know I am reshaping my muscles to a better physique. Also, ever since I have been taking HMB, there are fewer days of soreness resulting in more progress in less time!

Posted on October 14, 2010


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