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Sacramento Grand Prix

Blog Article ImageI had another great show to end the 2010 competition season. I will enjoy the break and look forward to another successful year in 2011. In Sacramento, there were several women who I've competed with before, so it was a pleasure catching up with them and meeting others for the first time. Also, it was a sold out show with a great crowd.

During this entire season I have answered the same question all year long:”What are the judges looking for in bikini?” Well, at this show the head judge had a seminar about the same question. I was glad that what I was telling people was very similar to how she was explaining the answer to that same question. She explained that she is looking for a sexy/classy presentation in our posing. At the pro level, she stated that we should all be proud of our physiques and are all great role models no matter how we place. She added that it is always so close and they choose by whoever they feel presents the best that day.

It was definitely a change for me when I switched to the bikini division. I was a former gymnast, sprinter, fitness competitor, and figure competitor where the judging was less subjective. Therefore, when I wanted to improve for the next competition, I would take the feedback from judges about my physique and happily go directly to my training. This year I've been getting very positive feedback about my physique and haven't heard that I need improvement in that area. This feedback is great, yet it is an adjustment for me to have so much more focus on posing rather than physique in terms of competing.

I have realized what a wonderful change it has been to hear this feedback and have the opportunity to pose however I would like, since it coincides with my personal goals. I have always said that the most important aspect about competing is to enjoy doing it and be happy with your own physique regardless of anyone else's opinion. Not only am I very happy with my physique and it fits perfectly to the bikini division, but I consistently keep my contest shape all year round. One of the most satisfying aspects of the fitness industry is to be healthy and to be happy about your body all year round. I am always reassessing my physique and training accordingly to perfect my proportions in my eyes. I am currently working on bringing up my hamstrings and have that pleasure to work on improving my physique how I see fit. Being consistent with training, nutrition, and taking HMB, have been the key factors to pushing my physique to its full potential.

During my break from competing I will have more time to focus on my book that I have just began writing. The book deals with a bit of what I spoke about in this blog. I will cover the physical and mental aspect of being happy with your own physique without any deprivation or obsession with food. I will also continue to practice posing, look for a new suit for the next season, and train intensely with the help of HMB!

Posted on November 10, 2010


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