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Road to the Arnold

Blog Article ImageTraining is really starting to heat up for the 2012 Arnold Classic. I am currently in the fourth week of my 8-week peaking cycle, and am starting to feel very strong. The highlight of this week was hitting a 25-lb. personal record on 21” rack deadlift. The video of 900 for a single can be seen on my YouTube page.

I have set up this training cycle similar to peaking cycles I have used in the past, but with a couple minor changes. The following is the basic set-up as it applies to my deadlift training:

Day 2 – Deadlift:

Odd Weeks: 
1.      Clean Grip Deadlift - 1x5 (for grip) progressing to a personal record set of 5
2.      Band Deadlift – progressing to heavier weights closer to the contest
3.      RDL – 2x5 progressing to personal record weights
4.      Grippers – dynamic work

Even Weeks:
1.      Front Squat – 2x5 moderate loads
2.      Rack deadlift – drop the bar closer to the floor by 3” each session
3.      Reverse Hyper
4.      Grippers – static work

Day 4 – Squat:
Odd Weeks:
1.      KB Swing
2.      Raw 5x5 squat progressing to a personal record 5x5 raw squat
3.      Accessory ground-based core work
Even Weeks:
1.      Raw 5x5 squat
2.      Barbell hip lift
3.      Accessory ground-based core work

Back Training:
1.      Day 1 – Heavy pull-ups
2.      Day 3 - Alternate heavy db rows and wide grip barbell rows

The low back has been feeling great. I attribute to two things: 1. Being smart with my training and not exposing the old injury to any undue risks in training, 2. Putting in a lot of time in work capacity and volume accumulation training – the extremely high amount of blood circulating through the low back region during these phases drastically accelerates the healing process.

The real challenge in my preparation for the Arnold Classic is still to come. I will be moving half-way across the country and starting a new job soon. The key to ensuring that the training process does not get interrupted and thrown off course will be preparation and the right mind set. I have taken the necessary steps to ensure that sleep, nutrition, and training will be interrupted to a bare minimum, if at all. The mind-set I have been riding throughout this entire transition process has been: When challenges arise, it may be tough on everybody else, but it ‘s just right for me.” There is no growth and improvement without challenge!

As always, a huge thank you goes to Team HMB. It is not possible to go through a grueling peaking cycle successfully without the big-time recovery benefit of HMB!

Posted on January 18, 2012


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