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The Road to the Arnold #6

Blog Article ImageThe one thing I hate about the training process is that it very seldom goes exactly according to plan. On the other hand, the one thing I love about the training process is that because of this, so much learning and growth as a strength athlete takes place.

I still have not been able to get comfortable in the new suit - the IPF Metal King Deadlifter. I had assumed it would fit the same as the original Metal IPF suit so I ordered the same size, but that is not the case. The straps are way longer on the King Deadlifter, which resulted in not very much pull through the crotch and not much benefit off of the floor with the suit. Eventually, I will get the straps taken down at the tailor, but for now I plan on using the original Metal IPF suit that I used at USAPL Deadlift Championships last year.

Since the suit was not working for me, I pulled six singles with no gear at 625 last week. All reps had pretty good speed off of the floor and very strong lockouts. Unfortunately, I re-injured the fascia in my lower back that I tore back in August. I actually consider this a blessing in disguise. The re-injury is not that bad and it was a sign for me to back off a little.  I took last week off of pulling altogether – just focused on the some accessory hamstring work and gave the low back a rest. Reverse hypers, ice, and vibration massage has been good for healing the fascia.

The 5x5 squat program has been good to keep my leg and core strength improving. However, this is my second wave of it pre-Arnold, so I am now changing things up some to keep my body adapting and getting stronger. This past week I dropped the depth a couple inches below parallel to complete 420x5x5 on a soft 12-inch box. This added depth, taxed the core and hamstrings tremendously. This week I upped the reps and dropped the sets to accumulate about the same volume for 445x8x3. Typically the 5x5 squat is performed free, but I added the box to work on starting strength in order to improve the pull off of the floor.

I also cut out one recovery day, switching to a seven day template in order to get one more pulling session in to make up for lost time with the re-injured fascia. This will work fine as long as I continue on my current HMB regimen. I am back on track now. This week will be a big test for the fascia and for overall strength levels. Friday is max 18-inch rack deadlift. I will be sure to post the video on You Tube.

Posted on February 8, 2010


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