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Relentless Minnesota Powerlifting Results

Blog Article ImageCongratulations to David Douglas on his performance at the Relentless Minnesota Powerlifting Meet.  This was the 4th annual fundraiser to support the Hope Kids organization. 

David competed in the raw bench division.  His first attempt he successfully completed at 529 lbs.  Then he called for 562 and pressed that out for another good lift, setting a national record.  For his final attempt he went for 600 and wasn’t able to lock it out.  Then he decided to lift in the single ply bench division in the next flight.  He opened with 705 lbs. and hit that lift.  Then moved onto 806 lbs., which he missed.

Overall, the meet was a success because they raised over $200,000 for the Hope Kids organization.  We are so proud of David and his involvement in this wonderful event.  We look forward to this annual event again next year!

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Posted on April 2, 2014


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