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Reflecting on Legends 2015 | Tate Fisher

It's been 2 weeks since the sweat has dried from the fun, but grueling events of the Alpine Legends Competition.   I have awesome memories and a few bruises still live on! It was a trifecta honor for me because:

  1.  To be a part of raising funds for Kevin Ogar and to witness his incredible "Sisu".
  2. To represent Team HMB and have their stellar products & moral support behind me.
  3. To compete alongside such amazing women, many of who placed in the top 150 of the CrossFit Open for our Region. Although I didn't place as well as I would've liked, I still went home Saturday afternoon high from "the love of the game" matter what the end result is, I will always love the adrenaline rush and the camaraderie that this sport brings. 

As many of you know firsthand CrossFit isn't just another way to workout, it is a lifestyle. Wait! Before you throw the "it's a cult" dagger, I implore you to hear me out. I found CrossFit five years ago, a couple months after I left an abusive marriage.  Sure, having a place to sweat it out, lift heavy things and pound a tire with a sledgehammer were catalysts in regaining mental and physical strength, but the support of the community and the likeminded desire for total health and wellness is what brought the healing process full circle for my kids and me. When you find something that powerful, it inevitably becomes a lifestyle. And if it hadn't become such, I truly believe I would not be healthy, let alone in the best shape of my life. 

Eight years ago, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (an autoimmune deficiency) and was told I would have to take methotrexate, a drug so intense that it can destroy your liver (amongst other things). I refused to believe there was nothing else I could do, and I began to research clean eating.  Even in my amateur, stumbling version of that, it began to make a difference in my health. Fast-forward 2.5 years, and bring on Paleo and CrossFit.  That's when I saw even greater improvements in my health, and I still to this day have not had to take medication for my arthritis. I also began to thrive in competition settings, maybe not Sam Briggs style, but I could hold my own. More importantly, along the way God has given me an opportunity to help others with similar issues as a Coach and Personal Trainer. A friend of mine told me recently that this was something I needed to share so others can believe they can achieve strength and healing in spite of ailments and life challenges.  So I had to follow these words of advice, "Don't be afraid to share your story, you never know who you might inspire." 

I digress. The Legends Competition was yet another opportunity to reap the benefit of this lifestyle. Over the last 18 months, my training has suffered dramatically in comparison to 2013, when I was 110% committed to training for the CrossFit Games..  I was training 10-12 hours a week and fighting for a spot on the MBS CrossFit Regionals Team. However, because CrossFit is all about training for functional fitness and amping up your GPP (General Physical Preparedness), even my skimpy 4-6 hours of training each week was sufficient to allow me to power through heavy weights and challenging event combos at this year’s Legends Competition. It felt great to finish 12 clean & jerks at 105# and 21 toes-to-bar in 1:51, knowing that the girl who had the top time of 1:39 is 14 years younger and placed 700 spots higher than I in the CrossFit Open! My endurance, on the other hand, needs improvement, but I will joyfully celebrate the small victories. 

As competitions always do for me, the Legends Competition reignited my drive to train harder and dig deeper. My 3 WODs and 1 Olympic lifting class per week will become 5 WODs and 2 Olympic lifting classes per week. That 6-mile run I keep putting off will become part of my weekly routine. And that swimming pool I have been enjoying with my kids lately will soon become home to swim WODs. My lifts will be stronger, my times will be faster and my discipline will be relentless.

...because "the price of discipline is always less than the pain of regret!"

Tate Alyson Fisher

Posted on July 9, 2015


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