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Reduced fat in middle-aged and older rats seen with HMB

Researchers tested HMB on middle-aged rats, 44-60 weeks, and older rats, 86-102 weeks, to see the effect HMB use had on these rats’ body and fat mass and how this compares to younger rats.  Both young and old rats were given 0.46 g/k/d for 16 weeks.  Body mass increased in the control groups, but not in the middle-aged HMB group, and body mass was lowered in the older HMB group.  Fat mass increased in the middle-aged control group, but not in the middle-aged HMB group, and fat mass decreased in the older HMB group, but not in the older control group.  These findings, which used rats as a model for humans, show that HMB works to reduce fat mass in middle-aged and older individuals.

To find out more about this study, read the abstract at  For more information about HMB and to read testimonies from HMB users, check out


Posted on April 29, 2010


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