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Recapping 2011

Blog Article Image2011 was one long rollercoaster ride for me. I started the year of with a multitude of minor injuries that were not enough to sideline me, but enough to keep me from improving and in some cases maintaining strength levels. I was still able to compete but not with the killer instinct I’ve had in past years. Around midsummer I had everything pretty much squared away on the injury front and was able to make a full on charge towards nationals. This included proper training, event specific training, and proper nutrition. I continued to use HMB and Optimum Nutrition whey protein to supplement my food intake and they truly helped me come back as strong as I did. I had a great result with a second place finish at nationals and took the newest champ right down to the wire. Overall, I’m very proud of this year’s results. Even though the final number at the last contest wasn’t what I wanted, I overcame some adversity and injury and was still able to handle huge weights and be extremely competitive.
Looking forward to 2012, my first contest will be the Amateur Strongman World Championship at the Arnold Sports Festival in March. My current training regimen consists of 3-4 short sessions during the week plus a longer session that is more strongman focused on the weekend. The purpose of the short sessions is to give myself a quick but effective training session. So far this seems to be working well, so I will re-evaluate at the end of the year to determine if this plan can work for the final 8 weeks of Arnold prep.
Train Hard and Merry Christmas!

Posted on December 21, 2011


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