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Recap of 2014

With the end of 2014 approaching, now would be a good time to recap my year competing.  This year was a little slower than the past, competing in only two competitions.  The first was the 2014 USAPL Men’s Nationals, followed up by the 2014 IPF World Championships. 

It’s been a few years since competing at Men’s Nationals but with this year’s IPF Worlds being held in the United States I knew I couldn’t let this chance go by.  I started training a little earlier than usual for this meet and changed my program to begin working with Mike Tuchscherer and his Reactive Training Systems.  My training cycle was filled with great lifting and I headed into Philadelphia for Nationals ready to go.

I won the previous two Nationals I competed in and even though I hadn’t competed in a few years in my mind I was going for three in a row.  I based my numbers on the lower end to ensure I hit my lifts and went 8 for 9 with my lifts.  I had an 881 lb. squat, a 600 lb. bench and a 788 lb. deadlift.  These numbers allowed me my third National title and a chance to represent the United States in Denver at the IPF Worlds.

I picked up training shortly after Nationals and knew November would come quick.  Using the same training methods as before I had another great training cycle and was looking to add pounds to my total.  This year’s IPF Worlds were being held in Aurora, Colorado and it was a chance for me to compete internationally in front of my family and friends, something that rarely happens.  I had high hopes competing for a top spot entering the competition; I just didn’t quite reach my expectations.

Before the meet started I knew I would have to hit 8 or 9 lifts to be in contention at the end of the day, unfortunately I ended the day going 6 for 9 missing all three third attempts.  My lifts for the day were an 871 lb. squat, a 584 lb. bench press and an 804 lb. deadlift.  My total placed me 7th in the best class I have ever competed against.  My lone bright spot was tying for the best deadlift in the class, although getting the silver medal for being the heavier lifter. 

Even though I don’t feel my numbers reflected my training or what I was capable of, I still consider this year to be another successful one.  Along with my lifting I took over the Missouri State Chair for the USAPL and plan on holding meets in the near future.  I hope to get more people involved in the sport and give back to beginner lifters in the area.  I also am in the middle of getting ready for a local meet back home in Des Moines, Iowa on January 17th and then competing again at the BetaTOR/PEAK ATP Pro Deadlift at the Arnold Classic in March.      

Through my busy work schedule, brutal training cycles and family time I rely heavily on HMB to help me recover and will continue to do so.  As I go through this training cycle I will be everyone updated with weekly training videos.  Until then, continue to lift hard and smart which means adding HMB to your supplement list.  You’ll be glad you did. 

Posted on December 16, 2014


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