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Qualifying for the Master World Championships

Blog Article ImageHaving recently turning 44, I still have plenty of competition fire and several big goals to accomplish. I feel that with any type of weight training; you have to set goals. Setting goals are not only important to keep you motivated, but can also keep you training at a high level.   As a powerlifter, these goals come in the form of attempting to accomplish competition goals, and trying to get stronger in your individual lifts.  With this in mind age has not slowed me down; I am taking on a demanding competition schedule in 2010. You’re never too old to try and get stronger!  
I was only able to take a couple of weeks off following the GNC Pro Performance Arnold Classic Deadlift Championships in March, and it was right back into training for the June USAPL Open National Championships in Palm Springs, California. My typical powerlifting contest peaking cycle is set up for 12-16 weeks, but this training cycle had a planned interruption with a stop at the Master's National Championships in Killeen, Texas last weekend.  It is difficult in the middle of a training cycle to take time off, compete and then get right back to training.  I used the Masters National Championships as a middle of the training cycle test to see where I was at with my strength.  With this in mind I planned my attempts conservatively.  I took it easy in the squat and used my opener with 760 as a last warm up. I took a conservative jump to 810 and then passed my 3rd attempt.  I did not bench very well, but I pulled a fairly easy National Masters Meet Record 865 lb deadlift to finish my day.  This has me very fired up for what can come later in the year; as I have only just started my heavy deadlift training. My goal of winning the meet and qualifying for the Masters World Championships in Pilsen, Czech Republic was accomplished, and I also learned that my training is right where it should be at this point in the cycle.

The Masters Competitions can really teach a man of 44 a good lesson when he sees 40-50-60-70+ year old men giving their all and lifting at a high level.  A 40 year should never complain about feeling old.  These guys are all great guys and they are tough competitors.  Competing in Masters Championships has taught me a good lesson about continuing to set my goals high. The human body can stay strong and keep getting stronger when goals are set. 
I am continuing to get great strength and recovery gains from taking GNC Pro Performance HMB.  With the enhanced recovery I am able to jump right back into my training for the Open Nationals.  I have 6 weeks to go to try and increase the squat, get the bench going, and feel comfortable about increasing that deadlift closer to my ultimate goal of 900+. 
Train hard, stay healthy, set your goals high, and don't forget to add GNC Pro Performance HMB to your supplement list!

Posted on May 10, 2010


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