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Q&A: Weightlifting Belt

Question: "When should a weight belt be utilized in training and when is it not necessary?"

The only training session that I put on a weightlifting belt on a regular basis is when I’m training the bench press.  Arching your back when bench pressing will help you lift more, but can put some stress on the lower back.  I typically put on a belt for my heavier sets.  I rarely put on a belt when training squats and deadlifts except when training power rack partial overloads, or late in my training cycle when attempting near max weights.  I feel that it is important to build your own core stability by training the majority of the time without a belt. With this being said you always want to make adjustment to your supportive gear when necessary. If you are working through an injury you may want to consider putting on a belt earlier in the training cycle.

- Brad Gillingham, CSCS/Powerlifter

Posted on December 12, 2016


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