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Q&A: Touch & Go Reps

Question: “When training deadlifts do you touch and go on your sets or always stop and reset for each rep?  Is there one that’s better over the other?”

I always perform, and coach dead-stop repetitions when training the deadlift. Dead-stop repetitions are performed by setting the bar down between repetitions (hands do not leave the bar), and resetting before pulling the next rep.  I feel that this method provides for the best training effect, and is the safest way to perform the lift.  The touch and go method can put your leverages in a vulnerable position by bouncing the bar between reps, and allows the lifter to use momentum to complete the next rep.  Using momentum takes away from the training effect of the movement……after all the deadlift by name refers to a weight that is “dead” (motionless) that needs to be lifting.

Posted on June 30, 2014


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