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Q&A: Tips on stretching/foam roller

Blog Article ImageQuestion: “I have been having some pain in my hips that has caused me to switch from sumo deadlift to conventional.  What are some tips with the foam roller or stretching that will help my hips so I can get back to pulling sumo?”

Answer: “I would focus on soft tissue quality first. This can be addressed with the foam roller, but I would not limit the soft tissue work to a foam roller. I would incorporate soft balls, lacrosse balls and tennis balls when needed - sometime these tools are more effective at working certain muscle and/or joints that can be difficult to get with a foam roller. I would also consider using a PVC roller for people with more muscle mass - often in these cases a foam roller is ineffective. Start with 10 passes with your tool of choice for the major muscle involved with the deadlift: quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, low back, upper back, groin, and IT band (outside of upper leg). Perform this protocol before each training session. Next, work on mobility (range of motion of specific joints) for the hips - this can be done by performing squats of various stance widths and lunges in multiple planes of motion. Keep the repetitions per set relatively low (i.e. ~5) to ensure quality of movement. This should be performed before or during the training session. After mobility move on to dynamic flexibility - perform movements that address the muscles noted above, with a particular focus on hips and groin. Each dynamic mobility movement should be performed for at least one set of ten repetitions. Finally, after each training session static flexibility can be addressed, again addressing all of the muscles mentioned above, and holding each stretch for 20-30 seconds.”

-Bryan Dermody Strength Athlete/Powerlifter

Posted on May 21, 2012


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