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Q&A: Switching Up Training

Blog Article ImageQuestion: “How often do you switch up your training?  And do you think this is necessary to keep improving your physique?”

Answer: “I like to switch up my training about every 3-4 weeks. Sometimes the changes are small, like rearranging the order of exercises in a workout and sometimes I will do a complete overall, like switching from doing 4 sets of heavy lifting for 1 exercise to completing 3-4 supersets with high repetitions. I do believe it is necessary to make some changes in your workout routines in order to continue to improve your physique. Our bodies are so smart and adjust relatively quickly. In order to constantly challenge your body, changes must be made. Other ways to “switch” things up are to:

-Experiment with different grips (overhand, underhand, close, wide, etc.)
- Incorporate supersets or giant sets
-Change the number of repetitions
- Change the amount of weight you are lifting
- Complete a workout routine backwards by switching the exercise order
- Change the equipment (dumbbell curls instead of barbell curls, squats at smith machine instead of with dumbbells, etc.)”

-Jada Kelly NPC Bikini Competitor

Posted on June 5, 2012


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