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Q&A: Supplements: Increase Strength

Blog Article ImageQuestion: “Do you take/recommend taking anything else in combination with HMB to help increase muscle mass and strength?”

Answer: “I try to keep the supplementation/recovery equation pretty simply in my training. The first thing I would recommend is that the athlete/trainee consume their bodyweight in quality protein each day. For example, a person that weighs 200 pounds should ingest 200 grams of high quality protein. My protein comes from both food (grass-fed beef, cage-free omega-3 eggs, cage free chicken, wild-caught salmon, organic peanut butter, cottage cheese) and supplements (Optimum Nutrition HydroWhey, HydroBuilder and Gold Standard Whey). To figure out the recovery plan, simply divide the total grams consumed by the number of eating opportunities per day (meals should occur every 3 hours throughout the day). For me, this would look something like this: 250 grams/5 eating opportunities = 50 grams per meal. The breakdown of this each day would look like this: Meal 1 (breakfast), Protein shake, Meal 2, Protein shake, Meal 3.

Note: For an added recovery benefit, slow digesting protein can be consumed before going to bed to ensure ongoing recovery during the night. This can come in the form of cottage cheese mixed with peanut butter or a good Casein protein, such as Optimum Nutrition Casein.

I would also recommend a good post-workout shake. This should be ingested as soon as possible after a training session and should consist of a 3:1 ratio of Carbohydrates (maltodextrin or waxymaise) to Protein (whey isolate).

Finally, I would recommend a good omega-3 supplement with a high concentration of DHA and EPA omega-3's. These aid in decreasing inflammation within the muscle and connective tissue that can accompany hard training.

The rest of the recovery equation for me comes from a clean diet and plenty of sleep.”

-Bryan Dermody Strength Athlete/Powerlifter

Posted on February 27, 2012


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