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Q&A: Squat Equipment

Blog Article ImageQuestion:  I'm thinking about buying some inzer power pants for some hip support and to overload my legs on squats. I read somewhere they may hinder my leg development and I would be better off squatting raw. Looking for some insight. 

Inzer power pants are made very similar to the lower half of a squat suit so they will provide hip support and also allow you to overload your squat training. This is great if you are an equipped lifter and do not want to go through the hassle of putting your squat suit on every training session, but you still want some of the support in the hips and pop out of the bottom. The Inzer power pants may inhibit leg (and strength) development in the sense that the pants do some of the lifting and the muscles. In order for strength and size to be developed form lifting, the muscles need to do the work so that they can adapt from the demands of the work. Even if you are an equipped lifter, there is a great benefit to training raw. Training raw builds more raw strength than relying on supportive equipment on a regular basis to lift the weight. The raw strength that is developed from raw training is easily and very effectively carried over to equipped lifting. For the raw lifter or the equipped lifter who wants some warmth and support in the hips during squat and deadlift training I would recommend Rehband warm pants from Jackal’s Gym.

-Bryan Dermody, powerlifter/strength athlete

Posted on January 20, 2014


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